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Antoon Bouw

Antoon Bouw

Consultant Microsoft Solutions

Remembering the moment when I was 10 years old and watching my dad install Windows XP on his PC.
IT has always been my main interest and at this age I bet that won’t change very soon.

Universal Cloud Print Preview

I love it, but do customers too? I love how this solution is this easy to implement, and how this brings the ease of a modern workspace with a fitting printing solution on the user end.The experience to the user is simply amazing, and I think is took some real effort...

A script to list all members and owners per Team

This script will list all members and owners per team.When you add -savedcred:$true it will save a credential file locally, which will give you automated access using that same account to your tenant.It won't save your credential plane text, it will use credential...

Edge stable goes live before official announcement

When you Google 'Edge Stable' today, you'll get the official download link for the stable version of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.I downloaded it and saw it had the same Chromium version-number als the beta-channel, which most likely means it will be released...

Automatically clean folders in batch (Powershell Scripts)

Introduction This script is made for automatically cleaning folders. Getting Started You can create a scheduled task to automatically clean a folder. If you create a scheduled task using Auto_cleanup.ps1, you can clean a single folder (recursively). You can use the...

Why I really like the Windows 10 April Update

After working for a week with a preview of Windows 10 1803 (which will be called the April update), yesterday I had to swap my Surface Pro and I went back to the stable build. The first thing I miss after going back: I used Timeline a lot: Every time I used...

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