Month: November 2017

Deploying an RDS farm in an Server Core environment

Note: The RD Web Access role requires Desktop Experience; In Server 2016 you can’t change between core and desktop anymore.  First of all, I have made a script that will install and configure all roles and tools. It installs the management tools on the server which the script runs on (from this server you can […]

Saving on certificates in an multi-tenant Exchange environment

By default, alot of companies buy certificates for Exchange based on the domains that are added to Exchange. While a company is expanding, it can be very expensive. In an organization using enormous amounts of domains, it can be challenging to keep up with certificates. These issues you don’t have with Office 365, since Microsoft […]

User interaction script for SCCM

This script (made by me) allows you to use user-interaction to notify your users about an installation or update of software. It also allows you to push an installation (with administrator priviliges), while still including the user in the process. If there is no interaction within 20 seconds per notification, it will go on. You […]