Read all services and scheduled tasks in your server environment (including Server 2003)

At one point we found out that many system administrators had used their own administrator account for Windows Services and scheduled tasks.
This became a problem only when a few colleagues decided to leave for another company. 

Accounts were turned off and all kinds of services fell out.
Among other things, an SQL server that turned out to run under one of these administrator accounts. 

To know for certain where these accounts were running, I wrote a script that can help with identifying these accounts.
Because scheduled tasks can not be read out with the powershell variant on server 2003, I used a legacy command and changed the layout of the output.
The script asks a number of questions (such as the domain, among other things) on the basis of which two files are generated with all scheduled tasks and services. 

I hope this helps you clean up these scheduled tasks and services. 

Here you can download the script: 




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