Avoid Microsoft from making Bing the default search engine in Chrome

As you may know, Microsoft is going to push Bing as a standard search engine in Chrome (not in Edge Chromium) halfway through this month. They do this because of the Office functionalities of bing, for example finding team messages etc.
This is done with a Chrome extension, which comes with the monthly Office update.
The comment is mainly that this approach resembles malware.
There have (in my opinion rightfully) been a lot of blowback.


You can both find how to prevent it from installing, and how to uninstall it.

There is some info on how to prevent it from installing in Intune, however the full solution (a toggle) will be published around February 24th, which is quite late.
In the meantime there is a workarround, you can also manually adjust the XML in Intune, as stated in the article.
For Config Manager, the toggle is already included in the latest update.
If the extension is already installed, then the extension can also be switched off using the ADMX for Office 2016+ (update at the end of January) and also with the help of a single command-line utility that is installed (which you can invoke using Intune/Config Manager.

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