Action and decision log Template

This document template is an action and decision log, used to track all actions and decisions taken during a meeting.

In addition to taking minutes of meetings, it’s a clever idea to keep a record of all actions and make sure everyone is aware of the actions they are responsible for.

And record all decisions of a person of authority, so that there is no doubt about who decided what.

By sending this list and putting it in a convenient place, it becomes clearer which actions had to be performed and who made the decisions.
During a project, for example, it becomes easier to hold someone accountable if they have decided something they should not have been allowed to do.
It is also important that if someone is absent for a long time, all the actions of that person are transparent, so that they can easily be placed with someone else.

In the case of a project, it is advisable to place all actions recorded during a project-meeting, in a project management application, with a reference to the document, so that all actions resulting from a meeting are also included in the day-to-day operations of a project.

Download the file here (English):

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Meeting Agenda Template

This document template is an meeting agenda, used prepare for a meeting.

Every meeting runs smoother when you know in advance what is going to be spoken about.
Apart from that, it is also a way to make sure that people prepare better for a meeting, by asking them to bring items to the meeting outside the agenda.

With this document template you can easily prepare for a meeting, making sure that everything runs smoothly.
Make sure it is stored in a central place.

Download the file here (English):

Download the file here (Dutch):