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Automating Windows Server Environment Inventory with PowerShell

As IT administrators managing complex Windows Server environments, we are often tasked with keeping track of various server configurations, services, roles, and other essential aspects of our infrastructure. Manual tracking and documentation can be time-consuming and error-prone, which is why automating the inventory process is an excellent solution. In this blog post, we’ll introduce a […]

A script to list all members and owners per Team

This script will list all members and owners per team.When you add -savedcred:$true it will save a credential file locally, which will give you automated access using that same account to your tenant.It won’t save your credential plane text, it will use credential vault, which should be perfectly secure.When using MFA on that service-account, make […]

Automatically clean folders in batch (Powershell Scripts)

Introduction This script is made for automatically cleaning folders. Getting Started You can create a scheduled task to automatically clean a folder. If you create a scheduled task using Auto_cleanup.ps1, you can clean a single folder (recursively). You can use the Path argument to define a path, and use the daystokeep argument to define the […]

Read all services and scheduled tasks in your server environment (including Server 2003)

At one point we found out that many system administrators had used their own administrator account for Windows Services and scheduled tasks. This became a problem only when a few colleagues decided to leave for another company.  Accounts were turned off and all kinds of services fell out. Among other things, an SQL server that […]